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"Connecting Creative Minds" Photography Contest

What does creativity mean at the University of Freiburg? Students, scientists and administrative and technology staff addressed this question in the “Connecting Creative Minds” photo competition. The top 15 submissions can be viewed in the University Library exhibition starting March 14, 2019. All members of the University of Freiburg will be able to vote online for their favorites and win articles from the uniˈshop.

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Creative minds – those are researchers, teachers, students, and administrative and technical staff at the University of Freiburg. They are the focal point of the university’s strategy for the future, which is entitled “Connecting Creative Minds – Trinational, European, Global.” But what does creativity really mean at the University of Freiburg? The “Connecting Creative Minds” photography contest aimed to get everyone in the university community thinking and talking about this question. The competition offered all the university's students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to hone in on creativity and show artistically where they experience or how they conceive of creativity at the university.

Key question
What does creativity mean at the University of Freiburg?

All enrolled students, and faculty and staff of the University of Freiburg who are of legal age are invited to submit up to three photographs.

Submission deadline
28 February 2019

Evaluation criteria

  • Relevance of the image to the topic
  • Creativity of topic treatment
  • Technical quality of the photo


  • Prof. Dr. Robin Curtis, Media Culture Studies
  • Dr. Franz Leithold, UB Media Center Director
  • Sandra Meyndt (, Press and Public Relations
  • Klaus Polkowski (, Freelance Photographer
  • Janos Ruf (, Archeology Student

Exhibition and online voting
A jury evaluated the nearly 100 entries and selected 15 pictures from them, which answered the question in a technically and artistically particularly appealing way. The images can be seen in the “Connecting Creative Minds” exhibition.

Furthermore, the selected photographs will be shown on the website as well as in publications and social media presentations of the university.

During the exhibition, anyone interested may use the Excellence Portal to vote for their favorite images online. You can also vote in the exhibition. Voters may submit one vote. The university will hold a prize drawing for hoodies and other items from the uni’shop among all of those who take part in the poll. The picture that receives the most votes from the public will be awarded 150 euros.


  • 1st Prize: 500 euros
  • 2nd Prize: 250 euros
  • 3rd Prize: 100 euros
  • Popularity Prize for the image receiving the greatest number of online votes: 150 euros

Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place in connection with an event in the summer semester of 2019.


Press and Public Relations Department, University Library Media Center