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Create! – Photography Contest Awards

The jury will select the three best entries at the final contest event on 23 May 2019


Sometimes it arises spontaneously in the magic of the moment. Frequently, several people need to devote their individual skills to achieve it. And almost always, the end result is something completely new and surprising. Creativity everywhere has many aspects. It’s no different at the University of Freiburg. The “Connecting Creative Minds” Photography Contest makes this apparent.

On Thursday, 23 May 2019 in the MensaBar, the jury for the competition will select their three favorites at a special event called “Create!”  Photographers will receive awards of 500 euros for first prize, 250 euros for second, and 100 euros for third place. What is more, all members of the university community will be eligible to vote until 15 May 2019 for their favorite for the 150 euro Popularity Prize.

Entertainment will be provided by three university groups: The spoken theater company “Laut & Lyrik” and a combo of the Uni Big Band Freiburg and the dance ensemble “The Circle” will give performances spotlighting creativity. The university rector, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer, will open the finale with a short introduction on the slogan “Connecting Creative Minds.” Admission is free of charge.

The focal point of the photography contest was the university’s strategy for the future called “Connecting Creative Minds – Trinational, European, Global.” The competition invited members of the University of Freiburg community to hone in on the topic of creativity in an artistic way. A jury evaluated the nearly 100 entries and has selected fifteen images that showed of a particularly high technical and artistic standard. These will be exhibited until 15 May 2019 in the foyer of the Freiburg University Library.

Award Presentation for the “Connecting Creative Minds” Photography Contest

23 May 2019, from 7 p.m.
MensaBar in the Mensa Rempartstraße,
Rempartstraße 18, 79098 Freiburg